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Kimberly Leigh

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Survey of Agriculture Systems - Foundation Course for all other Ag Courses

Understand topics including general agriculture, FFA, leadership, supervised agricultural experience, animal systems, plant systems, agribusiness systems, food products & processing systems, biotechnology, natural resources systems, environmental service systems & power, structural & technical systems.

Animal Science

The course is structured to enable all students to have an overview of the Animal Industry.Topics covered in Animal Science include the Animal Industry, Animal Handling and Safety, Animal Anatomy/Physiology, and Animal Nutrition. Also Animal Reproduction, Genetics, Animal Health, Animal Products, and Marketing. Opportunities are provided for students to participate in FFA and supervised experience activities.

Veterinary Science – Odd years (2017/18, 2019/20)

This course will provide the student with a sound platform to master the knowledge and skills necessary to become a veterinary assistant. It will also prepare the student to pursue a rewarding career as part of the professional veterinarian team. It will also equip the next generation of veterinarians and veterinarian assistants with the new technological tools that reinforce our industries expectations. Finally, it provides academic knowledge, higher-order reasoning and problem-solving skills, work attitudes, general employability skills, technical skills and occupational skills

Forestry (0.5)

Provides an overview of the forest industry and its importance to the national economy. Tree identification, management practices, business applications, and harvesting and marketing processes are major topics. GPS and GIS are included

Leadership (0.5)

Public speaking, parliamentary procedure, organization, delegation, oral communication, conflict resolution, business etiquette, and community service are major topics to assist students in the development of their leadership skills for the future. Opportunities are provided for students to participate in FFA and supervised experience activities.

Ag Business and Marketing

This course covers the principles of agribusiness including ways of doing business in a free market economic system, entrepreneurship, business start-up, business plans, management, facility needs, legal aspects and tax responsibilities, personnel, and ethics.‚Äč 

Equine Science (.5) – 18-19 course offering

This course covers the principles of Equine science and basic health. Career and Education oppourutnies and requirements, industry and its economic impacts, proper nutrition for health and reproduction, anatomoy and physiology.

Poultry Science (.5) 18-19 course offering

This course is being taught with resources from the University of Arkansas Poultry Science center and will be elgible for college credit with a end of course type test. Covers all things Poultry related; industry, health, anatomy and physiology, etc

Plant Science – Not Currently Offered

This course covers the relationship between plants and people, plant morphology and physiology, plant production, the environment, soil, careers in plant science, and other related areas. Also covers the relationship between plants and people, plant growth, plant diseases and insects, plant genetics, plant propagation, and other related areas


Kimberly Leigh

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