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Please Complete GCHS Title I Survey!

Posted Date: 08/25/2023

Please Complete GCHS Title I Survey!

Each year Genoa Central High School receives federal Title I funds to support our school and particular programs in our district intended to impact overall student growth and academic success. The 2023-2024 Title I plan is currently being developed, and we are seeking stakeholder feedback valuable in the planning process for use of Title I funds.

Stakeholders include teachers, staff, administrators, our students and their parents/family, and even community members who lend us local support; together we all support the success of every student that we serve at our Title I school.

Please complete the online survey below so we can use your feedback to shape our plans for investing the Title I funds to be used at GCHS during the 2023-2024 school year. You will review the main initiatives our school currently supports with federal Title I funds and provide your opinions; space is available to share additional suggestions as well. All responses are anonymous.

GCHS Title I Survey

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