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Semester Test Schedule

Posted Date: 12/04/2017

 Monday - Periods  2,4,6,1 

    Students who drive or have permission to check out may leave a fter their 6th period test. (1:27)  All other students will go to their 1st period class for a study hall on Monday. 

2nd   8:00 - 9:36

 4th    9:41 - 11:16

LUNCH 11:16 - 11:46 

6th    11:51 - 1:27

1st     1:32 - 3:07

(study hall for all exams scheduled for Tuesday)


Tuesday - Periods 1,3,5,7

1st    8:00 - 9:36

 3rd    9:41 - 11:16

LUNCH 11:16 - 11:46 

5th    11:51 - 1:27

7th     1:32 - 3:07


Wednesday- Regular schedule

Normal bell schedule

LUNCH 11:16 - 11:46 


Thursday- Regular Schedule (8-1) 

Normal bell schedule until 1:00

LUNCH 11:16 - 11:46 



Students can check out once they are done with all exams for that day.  They can NOT check-in and check-out and come back for a later test.  The library will be open for studying between tests if the students have a gap between exams. Exams should take most of the allotted 96 minutes.  Students will stay in class and either study for next test or work quietly on extra material. 

Make-up days will be on regular time, and students will still get the same 96 minutes to complete their exams.  Teachers have the discretion to give make-up exams at any time on Wednesday or Thursday. For example, if a student is in a 6th period class but shows up during 1st period to take the test on a make-up day, the student may take the make-up exam IF approved by the teacher. 

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